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Why copyright is important?

Are we suffering from business loss due to our hard work is being duplicated by someone else? I advice all the business owners to copyright their hard work to avoid business loss.

We have making profits with our hardwork. In order to ensure our hardwork could continue generate forever business profits so that the solution is to copyright our hardwork.It's copyright charges are reasonable with international protection coverage.

What are the hard work need to be protected by copyright?

1.​Written work

Any song lyrics, brochure, leaflets, newsletter, magazines, books, articles, poems,training materials are adviced to copyright as you can see the internet is very easily accessible. Within a short period of time all our hardwork could be escalated to whole world with internet.



Software is a tool to help us to simplified our heavy workload. With copyright it prevents our software to be escalated via pirated cd,dvd or other media.



​In this new era, a business website is a must for our potential customer to search information about us. Therefore, many business owners spend tons of money in order to develop attractive and informative website to gain business.

However, we could be surprised our website has been duplicate else where if we do not protect our website with copyright.



We like to listen to music. Therefore, the inventor could make money. However if it is available everywhere then people need not buy anymore. Therefore, copyright our hard work is very important.

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