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Managing Director

Ms Lew Yoke Peng FCCA, CA(M),TTT/6610,Master Practitioner NLP,Six Sigma Belt, is a prize winner for business Tax from ACCA for both global ranking and Singapore ranking.


She practically used her knowledge and skills from education and training and experiences to contribute to various industries whether directly and indirectly.


All her testimonials and recognition were given by respective organizations from different countries after her hard work contribution to the organizations without bias in races and colors or trespass any personal privacy.


She has added value to the organizations even after she had left the previous organizations. In the six sigma projects, she has saved up to millions of taxes even after she left the MNCs and every year the tax saving amount is increasing.


All these years she is in the supporting role as Professional Accountant.


During these five years she has developed products for strategic advertising in order to create jobs and to improve economies purposes. In addition, she has written books which have been published on internet to share helpful information for our economies.


She has developed the advertising tools and dedicated all the industries for their business growth.







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