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MDMSSB provide the following business services to entreprenuers. 

We provide accounting systems advises according to the size of an organisations and it's nature of business.


We recommend systems and ready for the future GST/VAT.


It is very user friendly with guildance on how to use the accounting systems.

This is a very popular marketing strategy in the modern days. Almost all of us inclusive baby-boomer , Gen X,Y .. are using these social media hence e-marketing has very influencial power to the market. 

Most business owner copyright their creation and retain their invention right to avoid unnecessary copy from competitors.

Trademark is a protection to our business and expansion of our business with brighter future.

Why book publisher is getting important to allow more people aware & understand about  the business products and services.


With the books that people discover the benefits of the products & services.


Please feel free to fill up the contact form for further details.

Business Library is to help people who work in office to manage their work with guidance in order to perform according to the market expectation.

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